A Direct Connection

Never  in the field of human conflicts so much has been owed to technology as nowadays. We definitely believe in it.

Information  and telecommunication technology continues to advance rapidly. Our employees have the necessary tact, an excellent understanding of technical products and their markets, and have the ability to provide our clients with high-quality information in an innovative and flexible manner - from the newest technology of Smart TVs to the evaluation of potential applications of mobiles.

In  short, we are at the pulse of time driven by our enthusiasm and this makes it clear that we are the best choice for all projects which require a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Areas we are permanently connected with and have already explored the true acceptation with consumers and in the B2B area.

  • High end home appliances with a focus on home cinema equipment

  • Newest TV technology and appropriate applications used and to be developed

  • White goods and all appliances to make your home more comfortable

  • Mobile phone concepts and applications, contracts and customer management

  • Furthermore, we adventure the step into gardening to explore technique used to keep the garden as heaven of tranquility