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The  biggest challenge talking to this target group is the right way to approach the purchase-influencing people during the different phases of their decision journey.

The  first step is always to get yourself well-prepared on the different and difficult topics before digging into a deep conversation. Due to our long term experiences with a target group which may offer additional views on strategically decisions or how to prepare the newest product launch, we know the rules how to involve the think tank target-aiming.

But  before our moderation team gets started, we have to ensure keeping specific screening criteria in mind which build the key to a successful outcome in the end. An industry knowing team works constantly on a high level B2B data base to ease the paths and sensitize this target group to take part in market research projects. Learn more about it here.

Who we are talking with is multidimensional and our approach is boundless. We acknowledge to just one principle – being professional in a professional world having covered the exemplary and targets below in no particular order:

  • Architects accompanying buildings projects along the latest technology standards

  • Dealers and fleet-managers who keep the wheels on turning

  • CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, COOs – just tree letters but someone you should include before your potential market launch

  • Planner and strategists for foreign trade relations as the world stays connected

  • Spare parts and accessories

  • Technical managers and IT experts who care for an infrastructural base and an increased safety

  • Interior architects for commercial and private buildings as feeling comfortable matters everyplace

  • Quality management representatives to explore given standards and potential lacks to be solved

  • Production manager related to our daily life goods or even special when it comes to pharmaceutical or chemical production

  • Purchaser, cost-saving but even open-minded for any beneficial treatment from the suppliers side