Making sense of findings

According  your needs we want to be your partner for providing analysis which offer deep insights of what we found out for you. Regarding just one single market or comparing differences, focusing on just one target group or illustrating mind maps showing the real background story of multidimensional approaches.

We  master the multiple challenges, being top-lines orientated or much more in-depth putting together plausible quotes reinforcing our full reports. Just want to read the complete conversation in your language or let us delve into it for you.

Be  assured that your approach will be transposed into unequivocally fruits in terms of your qualitative and quantitative studies. For good order´s sake here's our range of reporting capabilities.

Qualitative  capabilities

  • Top-line reports to provide a quick overview of the most important findings

  • Full reports including proved and illustrating consumers´ quotes

  • Story telling as an outcome of ethnographical studies including video diaries to ensure a deep understanding of your customers´ purchase and decision journey

  • Management reports to allow a quick implementation into the running business

  • In addition, our IT team runs miracles in terms of editing the raw audio and video material coming from the field

  • Full transcripts without missing any word to get you intimately involved in what was being said

Quantitative  capabilities

  • Providing usual Excel, SPSS and ACCII files based on detailed data maps to reflect the results in an appropriate way

  • The full range of SPSS tricks to get the results combined and compared in an eye-opening manner