Develop new ideas

We  know and take into consideration the various distinctions and characteristics of different markets and cultures. We help our clients tailor their projects to the German and European market, and go as in-depth as necessary to collect exactly the right information.

We create and go beyond

When  countable results are needed, we offer the whole spectrum of quantitative methods. In practice, that means that our interviewers are highly qualified in all aspects of fieldwork and every interviewing technique. They are experienced in reacting appropriately and seeking answers, even in difficult or sensitive situations wherever your projects are conducted,

For  all the methods we use our internal call center and a few very carefully selected partners to reach the appropriate target group to be invited to F2F methods or to be surveyed over the phone. Especially when respondents can just be found in niches, we are proud to offer a trustful network of dedicated recruiters who have their finger at the pulse of the time and know the importance of bringing themselves into line with the target group.

For  your qualitative portion we use the following approaches:

  • Conduction of focus groups
  • Creative workshops
  • In-depth interviews with experts and consumers
  • Conduction of ethnographical studies / home visits
  • National and international car clinics
  • Concept development
  • Accompanied shoppings
  • Gang surveys
  • Usability tests

When  it comes to quantitative surveys, our data loggers can be found area-covering:

  • In-Home
  • In-Hall
  • At the Point of Sale
  • Exit Interviews
  • Exibitions
  • Over the Phone
  • Online
  • Street Intercepts
  • Events