No break down

Changing  the lanes is what we love. We leave our usual routes and prefer to ride detours considering an even longer journey.

Working  with us means having a team of bright guys by your side to dive into the deep spheres of automotive sense. Whether your research is about a sophisticated interior or on the brand images to be worked out, we know a powerful speech for each target group and are so much in love with cars that even the underbody thrills us.

Since  the launch of Basis-Kontakt in 1990 we conducted more than 2.000 group discussions and workshops concerning the car market with private owners, fleet managers and dealers. More than 100 car clinics in static and dynamic setups where various requirements on facility sizes, light temperature and further barriers have been broken down, have been conducted by our team of specialists.

In  order to deliver valid findings we are keen to use extraordinary ways in addition to our internal automotive data base to find your target group - large scale wise or even a small but unique sample.

Our  internal recruitment specialists are pleased to look for quantitative and qualitative discussion partners.

A good 360 degree view on our routine business - we can cover:

  • New product research using static and dynamic clinics, photo clinics etc.

  • Communication research in terms of concepts, advertising, names, awareness, images

  • Customer satisfaction research on products, sales and after sales dealer service

  • Quality audit panel commercial vehicles

  • Spare parts and accessories

  • Consultancy that lead to a successful dealer network

  • Trend research by analyzing the past, present and future market situation

  • Conduction of Mystery Shopping (B2B and Consumer) with different research design starting with professional counselling sessions and ending up with observing and quantitative gatherings