Overflowing shopping bags

There  are millions of reasons why people love their owned goods. Starting with a strong black coffee in the early morning or just ending up being addicted to sweets watching TV in the evening.

We  are experts when it comes to everyday products and on making decisions of what can be found in the shopping bag. Dealing with this sensitive target group means to be one of them to gain a deep understanding. A partnership of equals and by using a broad spectrum of creative techniques is the key to the customer’s soul. Juicing and pressing until we know in detail what happens in their mind from the beginning of considering a product up to falling in love with it.

Not  just leading a conversation but being in the middle and feeling, hearing what motivates people and what meets their needs. We lead both parties to success – uncovering how to place or develop products in the competition setting to reach a high satisfaction level on the consumer´s side in order to built up a long-term relationship with our client´s offer.

The  base of gaining insights is - as known from other target groups – to talk to an appropriate counterpart. Screening criteria and soft skills such as being open minded to share life and thoughts have to be fulfilled. Our internal team of professional recruiters takes up responsibility and knows how to react even if the topics are more sensitive than talking about a cheese sandwich.

In short, we are keen on learning … eyes open, ears pricked. Sailing in uncharted waters with as much enthusiasm as wandering through our own neighborhood:

  • Food and beverage at home and on the move

  • Clothes and whatever you need to be protected

  • Everything which creates a comfortable living atmosphere

  • Skin care for the daily use and for special moments – specialized in the higher segment of luxury care

  • We are curious about indoor and outdoor activities – skiing, hiking, swimming or just hanging around at the pool side

  • Needful or completely useless – there is a reason to buy and we want to know!