Apart from the everyday things

Everyone  needs luxury to be really satisfied. We want to find out what luxury means and in which areas we come across the different status symbols.

Each  target group needs a particularly modality to talk to. It´s no matter of price when it comes to a purchase decision as lots of additional factors move this customers to action. Fashionable and premium brands offer high class materials and sophisticated workmanship which is regarded with favour by this group of buyers. They set conditions and are aware of them.

But  when we are talking about luxury, it´s not just jewels and high class sports cars. We are staying connected with a segment which is located within the upper 10% of the population with their own rules and approaches that is worth getting into the market basket.

The  base of gaining insights is - as known from other target groups – to talk to an appropriate counterpart. Screening criteria and soft skills such as being open minded to share life and thoughts have to be fulfilled. Our internal team of professional recruiters takes up responsibility and knows how to react even if the topics are more sensitive than talking about a cheese sandwich.

We asked them to talk us through lots of fields and are proud of that we found out the most important underlying thoughts to get them separated from usual consumer goods.

  • Brands and how they are perceived and categorized and classified using multiple image barometers

  • Status symbol cars and in which great number they are being collected and stored

  • Financial and strategically decisions in terms of investment, splitting stocks and being at the pulse of the up-to-the-minute influences

  • The area of upper leisure activities such as golfing, classic cars and cashless shopping in the well known flagship stores in Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Berlin

Taken together, we know this target group just as well as the common consumers. If you want to add an additional view on things, our high specialized luxury team would love to climbe the mountain together with you.